Adventures in Times Forgotten

Riddles, Keys, and Elementals

In the Crag of Eternal Slumber

In the next room were four pillars taller than a man, arranged in a circle. In the center was a shorter one with a diamond placed into the face of the thigh high pillar. From the central pillar two arms stretched out and reached the outward pillars. These two arms could be moved to about and be made to point at any of the two pillars. Each pillar was adorned with symbols from many peoples, faiths, or schools of magic that represented one of the elements of form: water, wind, earth, and fire.

The door to the next room remained locked but within it’s face were four keyholes and before it upon the ground was a glittering silver key inscribed with a riddle.

The party worked their way through this riddle and placed the arms in the answer and thus summoned a group of elementals made of mud, and another key.

They fought and defeated the beasts and repeated the process til all holes in the door had a key.

Then they rested, recuperating after the series of combats, and made themselves ready for the next trial.

Verun pulled the door up and a staircase greeted their eyes leading to a tome, bound in black, upon a dias.

and a man in purple robes sitting in a throne of black stone between them and the tome.



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