Adventures in Times Forgotten

In the Grasp of the Grove

within the forest north of Wrethe

They were being followed by a number of hounds with golden coats and speed beyond that of a normal wolf. They let themselves be corralled into the heart of a forest. The darkness the canopy until then had offered lessened as a gold light rose from a single emmense tree. It did not so much glow as it refused the oppressing atmosphere to lay about it.

At its foot was a woman with long pointed ears petting the mane of Tennik, the mage the party had been sent after.

With Clara painting to appease the anger of the woodland woman and distract her from her disire to end the lives of those who have found her little lovenest the rest of the party explored the grove.

A ritual had been performed here. A deadly and costly one at that, no less than 7 men had been bleed dry and just so many fish, drakes, moles, and birds had met a similar end. Tennik freed from the Lady’s oppressive magic told the story she told him.

A man, adorned in purple robes, had told the Lady of the freedom he could offer her. Of the power she would have if only their two worlds were bridged. And with sweet words he beguiled her into aiding him build a leyline that would pass through her tree in the world of the Fey, and into an identical tree in the world of the humans.

With Clara’s painting nearing completion and their ability to stall coming to its end they told Tennik to run and the party tried to steal the powerful artifact that allows her control of the woodland beasts that play about her grove. Alas Verune’s hands were not as fast as the eyes of the maiden and he was ensnared by her magics much as Tennik had been.

He ran at Nikola with swords in hand and buried one in the Necromancer’s belly. With several attacks of magic upon the maiden as she dissappeared from tree to tree they were able to fell her in the branches and she fell. Upon the ground she lay for a moment before she turned to nothing but a pile of fallen leaves.

The party took the mantle of the wild hunt, for that was what it was, and set out to the Beacon, with Tennik in tow.

But as they passed through the city of Wrethe they found that Rahala the man they had put behind bars had been rescued by the Legion of Men.

But they did not stray from their course and headed to the Beacon of Knowledge to gain that which they had been promised.



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