Adventures in Times Forgotten

Over Mountain, Through Port, and Into Darkness

The Beacon of Knowledge, The City of Elfarus, and the Crag of Eternal Slumber

The party spoke with Alera about their deed for her: returning Tennik. She was pleased to have the man back under the roof of knowledge but sent him out again, with proper tools, an aide, and a few books on the matter, to investigate the Ley line in more detail.

To the party she granted their boon, whether it be access to the restricted section of the library or a purse of coin. But as she was low on librarians, as they always are at the Beacon it seems, she asked the party to investigate the Crag of Eternal Slumber, where this Ley line supposedly led. They agreed to head out after a week of research.

And so they studied the new found books of the restricted sections and lost themselves in their research, for a time at least. But the week ended and the Crag beckoned.

Nikola’s sore spot for Verune (a little below the ribs and right through the liver to be precise) had numbed some in the week. And they traveled together without much incident.

The party of researchers and their Waster guide marched through the mountains and headed south. The souther T’kellian plains welcomed them with rolling hills and grain swaying in the wind.

There were two destinations on their horizons: the Crag of Eternal slumber, dark and ominous, and the city of Elfarus much more inviting. So they headed to Elfarus known for their green crab and prolifiic study of woodwind instruments.

Elfarus is not a quite city. From street merchants, to ameteur floutists, to dock workers, to loud gossips the city teems with life and noise. Not Esme’s faveorite by a country league.

But they dug around independently looking for information on the Crag.

There was little that agreed. It is haunted by ghosts says one legend. Another says that a dragon beast with great lungs causes the winds with his snoring and too wake him is to meet your doom. Another says that its just windy and a dangerous climb.

But they all agree that its very dangerous and has a high death toll.

Unfazed by the warnings the adventurers resupplied and headed out with the morning sun.

They came to the Crag in the late afternoon and walked the edge. The Ley line did flow here and there were two avenues down: one safe and one well used by someone trying to hide their passage.

They opted for the safer of the two. And so they descended.

Verune, Nikola, Saqqaf, Esme, and Clara. They descended into the crag and then into the darkness lighting a small lantern on Verun’s belt as the wind whipped at them and bellowed in their ears.

As they continued down the wind grew louder and louder and Verun caught a shape moving out of the corner of his eye and then the words echoed between the cliff walls and buffetted the heroes with such force that they gripped for dear life. Saqqaf was pulled from the wall as the meaning of the words reached the researchers.




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