Adventures in Times Forgotten

Only More Questions

in the Crag of Eternal Slumber

The voice asked again “Why have you come?” and through a few illuminating questions and a well placed lie from Clara the crew met the being’s parameters and were allowed to descend.

They were allowed three questions. With Nikola making the wording just right they asked.

“Why are you here and what is this place’s purpose?” The being was an air elemental whose purpose is to serve. He was sent here, by his master, to kill all things that dare enter the crag: every person, every bird, every insect. This was done with the end goal of making this place have a lack of spirit and thus would be the endpoint of a ley line should a presence ever be created.

“What can you tell us of Jojenal?” Jojenal is the name given to a race of beings by the elves. In the Sylvan tongue it means the Darkness, the Oppressor, or The Enemy.

After Sarkan the elemental bid fairwell to the ‘beings who have met the parameters’ he disappeared and Rune found the route that another who had visited this place had followed. It led to a small room carved out of the wall deep in the darkness of the earth. In it were the amenities of a small bedroom and many tomes and papers that spoke of ley lines, other worlds, and the Inheritance.

Rune again proving observant when his comrades are lost in tome and thought found a secret passage that led into black rock illuminated with blue torches.

The passage led to a room with in it a creature resembling the fabled minotaurs of Loswetch (though no such beings exist according to Clara.) He asked them but one question. “What is your motivation?”

“Unity and understanding.” said Clara.

“Protection of the unborn and those that die of childbirth.” said Esme.

“Improvement of lives and the human condition.” said Nikola.

“Liberty for myself but more so for others.” said Verun.

He found their motivations worthy and let them pass.

In the next room they found three figures bound to stone chairs with stone bindings. At their approach they began yelling and struggling against their bonds. A man wearing the garb of a guard though with no markings of his city. An old man wearing the robes of an accomplished mage, and a young girl of the street bearing nothing but rough cloth and a hysteric expression.

The guard knowing he had people to protect begged for his life so that he might do his duty. Also the way ahead would be harder if he were put to death. The mage knew of his use to society and said he had work left to do. He also knew solutions to problems ahead and would be willing to help if they spared him. The girl had nothing to offer but she pleaded to be spared.

The guard Esme and Clara plied with words. And though he did not through himself to death he would harbor no ill will should they choose to end his life to spare another. Then Esme leaned in, embracing the man and slid a dagger between his ribs.

The mage indignant to the last spat curses at the party and insulted them and the little girl. He was of use, he could still contribute, what had the girl? Nothing but a little warmth in your heart. But his protest fell on deaf ears. Verun with dagger in hand stood behind the mage and with indication from the others buried the knife to the hilt in the man’s neck spraying blood across Verun’s face.

A single small ‘thank you’ escaped the girls mouth before she too fell limp in the chair and the door beyond opened.

A new room lay ahead for the party.



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