Adventures in Times Forgotten

In Pursuit of Knowledge and Wealth

Wrethe and the Wrethe River Valley

The Silver Moon it turns out was the site of a death. Within the keelboat’s wooden hull lay the remains of a young man, Hermund, who had, while participating in the casting of a powerful spell to tap into ley lines, been torn asunder and spread around the hold. His master Pafara had commissioned the spell from Tennik, and he was cross about its defective nature. They had tried it once before and there had been no problems, but when Hermund took center stage it had destroyed him. Pafara indicated that Tennik had gone north to investigate what had gone wrong.

While still in the city the investigators talked to Rasad, Verun’s tracking partner, and learned that he had not been idle in the last 4 days. He had learned some of their potential quarry, Rahala, the bandit that had been robbing from the city for months. He had been seen fleeing the city with his crew, Rahala’s Reavers about a week before the new Pride from T’kell Ra came to Wrethe. They had been aboard a merchant vessel heading up the Wrethe River but Rasad also found that another ship had been lost since. He suspected the Reaver’s involvement.

So they travelled north on borrowed horses until they were waylaid by these very Reavers. “Hello and good evening.” Said Rahala as he stepped onto the path infront of them “I’m sad to say this is a toll road.” Esme answered him with conjured flame.

(((They fought and captured Rahala)))

Rahala traded his hidden gold for the release of his remaining men. They kept him the tow as the headed to where the ritual had been performed. Along the way Verune’s bird ((())) wanted to go further north but Verune kept her in check. The river where the spell was cast was pushing towards the south against its bank and climbing up the wall… somehow a ley line can crossed the river here even though there was none here on the map. They also found tracks, lioneye tracks, that lead north into the woods. But they couldn’t take their captive with them. So they returned to town, collected their bounty, payed Rasad his finders fee, and returned to the tracks.

They followed them as they wound north and as he changed into a deer and ran south, then turned back to where he lost them and continued. Later he turned into a wolf and ran, full tilt, to the north…. and as the tracks changed back Verun knelt and said,

“I think we’re being followed.”



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