Adventures in Times Forgotten

And so they joined forces.

In the Beacon of Knowledge and the City of Wrethe

And so it was that Esme, Clara, Nikola, and Verun came together in a common goal: find Tennik the missing mage from the Beacon of Knowledge.

First they spoke to Heinrich ‘Rich’ Phenebus the Beacons’ diviner about Tennik’s research.

“I’ve been talking about methods of divination with him. He’s always trying to tie his magic to the ley lines for extra oomph but with divining it might help you get extra range but you could only look at specific places. Couldn’t find anybody with it and it’d be useless in cities. He’s also been doin some work for a patron for a bit. He’s been really hush-hush about it.”

In Tennik’s room they found maps that detailed the changing nature of the ley lines in and around Wrethe. They were related to his overall work: trying to find out how and why ley lines changed, how they impacted the physical world, and vice versa. They also found a book on the Migrations of Korosani Fowl that led them to believe that there had been a very premature migration south of the birds that live in the Wrethe River valley. On Tennik’s desk they found a couple of powerful spells that would allow one to wrestle with the power of a ley line and bend it to one’s wishes and one that would let one see far away as long as they didn’t veer far from a junction or well know line of power. In his trunk they found a ledger of names and places where those people could be found. Latchead in the Blue Fox, and Pafara in the Silver Moon, both in Wrethe.

They also didn’t steal anything save copies of spells and a map that may help them find Tennik or whatever he was looking into North of Wrethe.

They met with Latchead, the bartender at the Blue Fox Inn, and learned that Tennik, while not a regular, comes there frequently and often meets with a mysterious dark skinned man.

Apparently, not too long ago, those two had had a heated discussion that Janice, the serving girl heard parts of. The man whose name may have been Peter or Ponda or something that started with P had lost someone recently and seemed to blame Tennik.

They headed to the docks to look for Verun’s friend Rasad who worked there, but instead found a ship with a black sail with a silver crescent in the center…. the Silver Moon.

We last left our party as they walked towards it as the sea broke against the docks and the spray wet the pier beneath them.



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