Free life began for the peoples of men around four centuries ago when the Cyclops failed in their war with the Gods for their throne in the heavens. They did not seize what they viewed as their rightful place but they did manage to kill those that had ruled on high since the dawn of time. Blood from both sides rained down upon, what is now, the Shadowlands and with it came their powers. Those that drank it and were spared became the dragons that wander the lands spared from the bloody rain.

Humans now free from their Cyclops masters migrated West and founded their own towns, cities, and tribes for protection from the elements, dragons, and most importantly each other. In this age of young civilizations the powers of individuals carry great weight. Whether they seek to rule the world, slay beasts of immense powers, gain more riches than can be counted, or to find arcane secrets of the world.

These are the stories of those great individuals. Of villains, of heroes, of adventurers.

Adventures in Times Forgotten

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